Zero Management Fees

Skeletal statue & Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square.
Skeletal statue & Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square.

Our Fee Model: Performance Fees only

Our fee model is substantially different from the normal Hedge Fund model.  We do not ask for, or receive Management Fees from our Investors.  We do not pay our fund managers Management Fees either.  We only pay or receive Performance Fees.

Therefore the interests of the Investor are aligned with ours at HedgEmerge and also those of the fund manager.  This is unique in the Hedge Fund industry and ensures that our investors receive a direct share of the fund managers performance, without having to pay fees on fees.

The fund managers that we attract will receive more income from our model than the typical 2/20 deal.

Our monthly report shows the returns which are attributable to the investor.  Annualized returns of circa 25% and an Inception to Date return of circa 255% after 5.25 years, (figures correct as of March 31st 2017).