Guards Crimea War Memorial looking south to the Duke of York Column
Guards Crimea War Memorial looking south to the Duke of York Column

Welcome to HedgEmerge

Emerging Funds,  Multi Strategy Manager

HedgEmerge is a Multi Strategy Manager, specializing in selecting and allocating investment capital to small or emerging Long/short Equity Hedge Funds. Many surveys and studies have shown that these classes of funds have superior track records relative to more established and larger Funds and therefore superior returns can be earned from these managers.

Our manager selection process and risk management techniques are at the core of our business model and investment strategy.  We invest into the funds via Managed Accounts which give HedgEmerge realtime portfolio information and total control on a day to day basis over any individual position.

We pay zero management fees to our Fund Managers but incentivise the managers with a higher performance fee; this aligns our interests with those of our capital providers and with those of the Fund Managers that we select after meeting our criteria and passing our due diligence.

Our ethos for manager selection is to identify and invest in managers with strategies that have consistent returns, low volatility and relatively small drawdowns. This enables HedgEmerge to offer a Portfolio of managers to investors which significantly outperforms the market both from a risk and return perspective.

The model portfolio illustrates how our selection process delivers superior returns, very low correlation and small drawdowns, whilst generating circa 25% annualized returns over the last 5 plus years, (inception to date return of 255%, figures correct as of March 31st 2017).  Our monthly volatility is below 10%, for the period, which given the strong performance numbers, demonstrates that our methodology and selection criteria vindicate our belief in Emerging Managers and the alignment of interests from a fee perspective.

We are always available to talk to interested parties who may want to become Fund Managers for us or alternatively to Investors who are looking for the returns and risk profile offered by the HedgEmerge portfolio of Small and Emerging managers.